Replace HDD with SSD

Swap my HDD for an SSD

My brother keeps saying to me, speed up my laptop, make my laptop faster !

Well I said step this way bestest brother and I will swap your HDD for an SSD !

As I have been working and consulting in the IT world for more years than I care to remember now I went ahead and purchased an SSD (Solid State Disk) from my favourite and trusted brand ready for the installation into my brothers laptop.

I have now got this system down to a fine art and can do the switch in no time at all. Remove the old hardrive, install the new hardrive and then use some clever software to put all the data back onto the new hardrive.

When my brother arrived and switched his laptop on, he was amazed at a) how fast it booted up into Windows and b) how quickly his applications loaded up.

He said he felt like he had been given a new laptop and all for the cost of a new super fast Solid State Disk hardrive!

I love doing this and happy to complete the task for others. Please get in touch with Yanz Limited for more details.

Thanks for reading.

John 🙂

Protecting Children Online

In this day and age keeping up with children and their developments is a tricky task for any parent. Keeping up with technology is also tricky, putting these two together, children and technology, and its a complete nightmare! However, our children and their internet usage is something we need to keep a close eye on as the world wide web is a scary place and we should do what we can to protect our children online.

Children have access these days to all sorts of gadgets and technology around the home, at their own home, or the homes of friends, whether its a PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phones, even games consoles including handheld ones! We need to ensure that within these circumstances we are doing what we can to protect them and ensure they are safe online. This is something that Yanz Limited is keep to promote ( protecting children online ) and get the message across that there are plenty of things that parents can put in place to watch over their children whilst being online.

Having children ourselves we have been able to prove the hardware and software we use so are happy to come to your home and install new kit to help ensure that your children are protected when they are online.  We are always trialling new developments and are only happy to recommend them once we are happy with them. The risks we should think about are;

Keeping Children Safe Online
Keeping Children Safe Online
  • Inappropriate contact from people who may wish to abuse, exploit or bully them.
  • Inappropriate conduct: because of their own and others’ online behaviour, personal information.
  • Inappropriate content: being able to access sexually explicit, racist, violent, extremist or other harmful material.
  • Children gaining access to your own personal information stored on your computer.
  • Children enabling viruses and spyware by careless or misinformed use of your computer.

As well protection for children online, we can ensure that internally at home, the computers(s) within  your household are safe and protected against administrator privileges so access to certain documents at home is not possible for example, so they cannot be deleted by accident.  Maybe over ride their internet usage for only certain times of the day.  May allow or disallow access to certain internet games and most definately to certain websites and chat rooms.

Think about where your computer(s) are physically located with your household is another simple concern. All these scenarios are easily addressable and we would be happy to help where we can. We normally do evening visits as we find this helpful for most families and generally promote a new internet modem/router that has added features that are customizable to suit family needs, some installable software to ensure that you can keep track of what they are doing and create logins on the family computer(s) for the children that are more locked down than the adult logins.

Please do feel free to get in touch and we can arrange a visit and start putting these measures in place.

IT Installation Services Bristol

IT Installations

IT Installation Services Bristol
IT Installation Services Bristol

IT Installations Bristol

We can design and implement complete I.T solutions for your Bristol office, whether starting from scratch or integrating with your existing I.T system.
IT Installations Bristol
We understand how important I.T is to your business, so we work with you to provide a fast, professional and successful installation with minimal, or if possible,  no downtime to you and your colleagues, including;
New standalone or racked server installs
New desktop or laptop installs
New printer installs
New email solution installation
New website and email hosting installations and configurations
New CAT5 or other wired networking equipment
New wireless equipment installations


Free Audit Bristol

Free Audit

Free Audit Bristol
Free Audit IT Bristol

At Yanz Limited we like our customers to know exactly what is connected to their network and what version numbers are being recorded. This way we can recognise quite quickly any items of software or hardware that could become out of support by the Vendor. We specialise in all known brands such as Microsoft, VMWare, Adobe and including hardware from Dell, HP, Fujitsu and the list goes on.

We can provide assurance that your software patching is up to date, or not, and gain confirmation there is consistency across your infrastructure. We can also look at cyber security and find loopholes and problematics weaknesses.  We will look and ensure you are aware of your status of your anti-virus software and other management tools.

We look to highlight poor network connections and devices with poor links or wifi signals and make recommendations.  We can ensure servers and desktops are running at their peak performance and ensure healthy disk capacity and resiliency.

Maybe you are concerned about connectivity outside the office and are worried about hackers and intruders, we can ensure the status of this and make further recommendations if necessary.

Please do get in touch for a FREE consultation.

Bristol IT Ssupport

IT Support & Design

@ Yanz Limited, we take Support Calls for Computer Support, Network Support, User Support, Windows Support, Server Support, Software Support, Email and Exchange Support and much more day in day out. 92% of our IT Support calls are dealt with remotely, with an on-site support team for hardware failures etc.

Our technical IT Support services Bristol are geared around our Dedicated IT Helpdesk

Windows 2003/2008 Server Support
Windows Small Business Server 2003/2008 Support
Windows XP/Vista/7 Support
Microsoft Exchange Support
Microsoft SQL Support
Microsoft Sharepoint Services Support
Website and Web Hosting Support
Printing Support
Backup and Disaster Recovery Support
Training and Technical Guidance Support
Installation and Design
Remote IT Support
IT Support Technician
Small Business Support
Home IT Support
Wireless & WIFI Installations
IT Support Bristol
IT Support Bristol

We have the ability administer the IT Support by logging in to your server(s) and desktops remotely and make any configuration changes you wish.

We can login and modify any of your IT Services that may be necessary (with your permission) to enhance your user experience of your IT network or server
solution. We can ensure your systems are running smoothly, securely and efficiently. If you have any special requests or adhoc work we are more than happy
to take this on.
Yanz Limited for your IT Support Bristol.