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Free Audit Bristol
Free Audit IT Bristol

At Yanz Limited we like our customers to know exactly what is connected to their network and what version numbers are being recorded. This way we can recognise quite quickly any items of software or hardware that could become out of support by the Vendor. We specialise in all known brands such as Microsoft, VMWare, Adobe and including hardware from Dell, HP, Fujitsu and the list goes on.

We can provide assurance that your software patching is up to date, or not, and gain confirmation there is consistency across your infrastructure. We can also look at cyber security and find loopholes and problematics weaknesses.  We will look and ensure you are aware of your status of your anti-virus software and other management tools.

We look to highlight poor network connections and devices with poor links or wifi signals and make recommendations.  We can ensure servers and desktops are running at their peak performance and ensure healthy disk capacity and resiliency.

Maybe you are concerned about connectivity outside the office and are worried about hackers and intruders, we can ensure the status of this and make further recommendations if necessary.

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