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Small Business Network Bristol
Small Business Network Bristol

Windows Small Business Server (Windows SBS) offers you a server solution with reduced complexity and increased manageability over traditional enterprise servers, helping you to focus on running a more efficient business. Windows SBS 2011 comes in two editions: Standard and Essentials. In addition, the Windows SBS Premium Add-on provides SQL-based line-of-business (LOB) support, or can function as an additional member server.

Windows Small Business Server 2011, Designed and priced for small businesses with up to 75 users, Windows® Small Business Server 2011 Standard is an ideal first server solution that includes features that small businesses need to be productive and competitive. Windows SBS 2011 Standard delivers enterprise-class server technology in an affordable, high-performance, all-in-one solution. It is also perfect for small businesses that prefer to host email and collaboration tools directly on the premises.

New and enhanced features in Windows SBS 2011 Standard

Windows SBS 2011 Standard maintains the easy-to-use server management tools that were introduced in Windows SBS 2008. It also provides the same core set of features that are familiar to Windows SBS customers. However, Windows SBS 2011 Standard also delivers a variety of new and updated features that can help make it easier for small businesses to back-up their data, collaborate, and share information. The key features in Windows SBS 2011 Standard enable small businesses to:

  • Share documents from a central location
  • Recover files with automatic backup if the files are accidentally lost
  • Organize and access business information from the office and from remote locations
  • Run compatible business software and applications

The following sections provide a brief description of the product updates and the new and enhanced features that are included in Windows SBS 2011 Standard.



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