Speed Up My Computer

At Yanz Limited not only do we install new computer systems into offices and at home, we can also look at your current computer if it isn’t feeling too healthy. You can bring it to us, explain what the issue is and we will happily take a look. We can also look during the evenings as one of our trusted technicians has a very understanding wife and is happy to work through his evening at home.

For the cost of £45 plus the parts we can look at, install new parts then will hopefully bring your unwell computer or laptop into the 21st century. This is cheaper than PC World and will most likely be a faster turn around.

If we need to we can complete a backup of your current PC contents and re-install your operating system for you, assuming you can provide the original vendors media, ie, Windows or Mac OSX.

Bristol Computer Repair Services
Computer Laptop Speed Up Services Bristol

Sometimes a simple health check can make a computer run much more efficiently or looking at the services that are running on start up and modifying them to suit, will also drastically improve the performance of your PC. Adding more memory is also a factor that can help, as is, switching from a 3.5in disk to a 2.5in SSD will also have massive improvements on speed. These are all things that we can provide when we diagnose your computer repairs.