Swap my HDD for an SSD

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My brother keeps saying to me, speed up my laptop, make my laptop faster !

Well I said step this way bestest brother and I will swap your HDD for an SSD !

As I have been working and consulting in the IT world for more years than I care to remember now I went ahead and purchased an SSD (Solid State Disk) from my favourite and trusted brand ready for the installation into my brothers laptop.

I have now got this system down to a fine art and can do the switch in no time at all. Remove the old hardrive, install the new hardrive and then use some clever software to put all the data back onto the new hardrive.

When my brother arrived and switched his laptop on, he was amazed at a) how fast it booted up into Windows and b) how quickly his applications loaded up.

He said he felt like he had been given a new laptop and all for the cost of a new super fast Solid State Disk hardrive!

I love doing this and happy to complete the task for others. Please get in touch with Yanz Limited for more details.

Thanks for reading.

John 🙂


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